Strategic development analysis for the uk food retail sector

1. You produce a critical evaluation of the key players within the sector and their basis of competition, i.e. cost leadership, product differentiation. This comes from drilling down into your 5 Forces analysis to identify the specific (named) key plays who dominate the sector and analyse how they compete against each other, i.e. on cost efficiencies or price (cost leadership) or by having differentiated products (differentiation).

2. Building on what you then know about the current size, scale, structure and composition of the market and what you know about the current trends and macro-micro issues, you need to produce 3 grounded (i.e. based on logical evidence and argument) possible future strategies / scenarios for the sector.

In this section you are developing 3 possible future operating environments to explain how the sector might operate and the products (good and services) that it might sell and the methods by which these might be sold and the ways (channels) through which these might be bought.

This part of the assignment requires you to build on the knowledge that you have about the sector and theorise what the sector might look and operate like in the future and it draws on scenario analysis and planning theories.