SPSS methods and results future predictions

You are to create a table in Microsoft to generate spss data essentially for my final paper. You will go on a website that offers spss data and look at the variables from the case study’s that are related to my variables you will take out any variables that are not needed. some variables may not be as close but that okay make them as close as possible i will let you determine what the variables are because i am still kinda unsure. The topic i am doing my paper on video game violence and adolescent behavior. That is what you need to look for when searching for data relating to my topic. After the table is complete you will need to analyze data , discuss it.
you will be using a t test or a a nova
i will upload files that have been assigned my teacher has required us to upload the fille is my introduction with critiqu from my teacher

. For this task, you will be using secondary data to evaluate your research hypothesis. In other words, you will be locating data collected by others and repurposing it to suit your hypothesis. This will require first locating a data set that contains all variables of interest. These variables may be operationally defined in a way that may not be how you would define them if you were doing primary research, so you will need to be flexible when searching for data and remember that although it may not be a perfect way to operationally define your variables, it does need to have some face validity.
Once you identify and download the dataset, you will likely have to do some data cleaning and setup before running your analyses. You may need to create some composite score with multiple items for a particular variable, or do something to identify missing data. After this, you will need to identify the appropriate statistical analyses necessary to evaluate your hypothesis, given the data you found. You will likely need to refer to your statistics notes (or experimental psychology or research methods
1. Using the topic of your research project, fully and clearly develop your Methods and Results sections. You will need to explain how the secondary data was collected ( and other sites will provide you with a description, but you must put what they said in your own words; copying and pasting is plagiarism). Make sure to explain how they assessed the variables (i.e., the survey items used for your variables). You will also need to analyze the relevant data in that particular dataset. Make sure to explain any setup you did for the dataset (this includes Cronbach alphas for any operational definitions that used more than one survey item). Be sure to identify the statistical
Discussion section incorporating your expected results, how it relates to previous research, why this research is important, at least two limitations, and at least two future directions (not addressing the limitations).