Spina Bifida

Child and Adolescent Development
Research Paper Instructions
Your research paper should provide general information about the disorder, discuss the impact on development and
identify treatments and/or interventions. This paper should be 5 to 6 double spaced pages not
including the cover page, abstract and reference page. This paper must be APA formatted (see
paper template uploaded on Black Board). Scholarly sources, including the class text book,
information from NIH and CDC, as well as research articles should be used as references.
Use of WebMD, Wikipedia, and other general websites will result in a significant loss of
points. You should use at least four scholarly sources. The following areas should be
addressed in this paper:
1. Provide General information about the disorder. 20 points
i. Prevalence
ii. Etiology
iii. Symptoms
iv. Typical age of onset
v. Long-term Prognosis
2. Discuss how this disorder impacts development. 15 points
i. Impact on cognitive development
ii. Impact on physical development
iii. Impact on social-emotional development
3. Discuss types of available treatment for this disorder and effectiveness of each
intervention. 10 points
i. Therapeutic Interventions
ii. Pharmacological Interventions
iii. Medical Interventions
4. APA Formatting 5 points