Sonny Blues related with Cain and Abel

Question/Prompt Topic:
An Analysis of James Baldwins Sonnys Blues and the story of Cain and Abel story
In our study and discussion of Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin we analyzed the relationship between Sonny and his brother (the narrator). In your essay, analyze and describe in specific details, (in your own words) the relationship between Sonny and his brother and compare and contrast this relationship to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. What does the phrase Am I my brothers keeper mean in the context of the Cain and Abel story and how do you think this is related to the relationship between Sonny and his brothers relationship. You can also describe and discuss any religious themes and symbolisms in both stories and relate and connect it to your discussion. Use the course textbook, the essay and story about Cain and Abel, the video, any workshop sheets we discussed in the class, handout, lecture notes, group notes, and journal reflection related to this topic to help you write your essay and for support to make textual reference. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE, REWRITE, OR COPY the stories. Instead, use your own ideas, opinions, examples, and voice to analyze your discussion. Do not summarize all of the texts information. Make reference to all sources including the research essay The Biblical Foundation of James Baldwins Sonnys Blues by James Tackach.
*Center a Title of your essay
*Highlight your thesis statement at the end of your introduction
*Indent each body paragrapheach body paragraph should have a main idea topic sentence
*Use the sandwich method to incorporate your direct quotesexplain your quotes
*Use MLA format documentation style/MAKE REFERENCE TO ALL SOURCES
*Maximum 3 pages
*Last name page number every page upper rightHeading upper left
*Write a works Cited Page at the end of your essayListing the source-references
*Your essay should have an Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion