solutions on the legalization of marijuana

For this essay you will be working off of your Argumentative (Comparing Perspectives) essay. This essay should include at least 6 credible sources. For this essay you will be proposing a solution to the issue you wrote about in the Argumentative (Comparing Perspectives) essay. This will require you to rework/revise your last essay and include more pages. Do not use first person.
Introduction here, you should catch your readers attention and introduce the topic. Present the problem of the topic. Be as detailed as possible, showing how different groups may be affected by this. Offer background information that you think your reader needs to know. Include your thesis at the end of this paragraph. Your thesis should identify a way to solve the issue. EX: Many children suffer long-term consequences of bullying; the problem can be remedied through a three-pronged approach: educating the parents, encouraging a community atmosphere, and implementing a peer mediation program.
Counterargument here, you will include source(s) that disagree with your solution and argue why they are incorrect. You could also argue why another proposed solution would not work.
Body Paragraphs This is where you will discuss the implementation of your solution. Questions to think about: how should this problem be considered? Is there a single solution? Are there multiple solutions possible? How would the solution(s) affect the groups with the problem? Who would implement the solution(s)? Who would pay for the solution(s)? Would the solution(s) completely fix the problem, or would it be an ongoing process? Are there downsides to the solution(s)? You may add any other information you deem useful. Make sure to use the 8-point bullet paragraph structure for these body paragraphs as well as the counterargument paragraph.

Conclusion End the essay by referring back to the problem and why its necessary to offer a solution. Show how the solution you chose would be better than others. Offer a call to action to your readers.