social tolerance reflection

SOCIAL TOLERANCE REFLECTION PAPER (15% of final grade): This course focuses on helping students unpack the idea of social tolerance as it relates to being a college student in todays society. More specifically, this course uses a specific topic area to help students better understand social tolerance and how a broad-minded approach towards cultural ideas or ways different from your own helps us coexist in our different communities. Using class discussions, activities, and the courses common book, you are to describe the key tenants of what it means to be a socially tolerant citizen, and why a socially tolerant approach is important to reaching your own goals. All students will write a well-developed 3-4 page paper. You will need to use at least 3 credible sources. Please do not forget to cite your sources in your paper, and include an MLA Reference Page (this page in addition to the 3-4 page paper). Please remember to follow the Essay Expectations included in this syllabus. Students are encouraged to use the following guided questions to help develop their paper: In your own words, what does it mean to be socially tolerant? Would the author of your common book agree with this description of social tolerance? Why or why not? What does social tolerance look like in your FYS topic area? Is this different from how the common book presents social tolerance? What role does social tolerance play in your life as a college student today? Using the goal-setting strategies from class, what are three goals that you are currently working towards? (These should include at least one long- and one short-term goal.) How do these goals relate to social tolerance? Will you need to work towards your goals using a socially tolerant approach? If so, what does that look like? How do you model social tolerance with your peers? Your family? Your co-workers? Your community? What are some specific takeaways from this course that you will implement when approaching others? Please note that this paper will require online research. Go to the college LIBRARY and access the ELECTRONIC databases. WE WILL COVER THIS THURSDAY IN OUR ZOOM SESSION @ 10:30 AMT