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The Research Proposal is a culmination of all your hard work this semester. You will have an abstract, intro, your literature review, small scale study, brief idea of large scale, conclusion, reference list (for lit review) & appendix. (further instructions on format in next weeks schedule.)

You can use headings for all of these in your paper which makes it easier for you and also easier to grade.

This type of paper would be used if you were proposing more research in your focus of study and going before the board of your department to request funding and time for this study. This paper is similar to many you have read in your research. It will contain your literature review. You will create your own pilot small scale study and you can see directions below. Get started on that first. You will use the results of the study as more evidence in the need for more research.

Of course you are not asking your department for this instead it’s make believe and it’s on a small scale due to limited time.

The purpose of the research proposal is to identify a research problem or a focus in your study in which you feel needs more research, and design a small-scale pilot study that you will actually complete and a suggestion of a large scale study and briefly describe what that may entail.

You can state a larger scale study should be conducted because of: 1) the gaps/flaws/limitations of existing research that underscore the need for further research, 2) the primary research you completed for the small-scale pilot study.

3) the quality and legitimacy of the study you are proposing. (The large scale study you are proposing can be brief).

Audience: Faculty in your school or college who would be acting as a jury reviewing undergraduate research proposals to select one that would receive funding. Because you are writing for not only faculty then, but also to try to obtain funding to complete your proposed research project, you should be particularly mindful of your audiences needs and expectations for a research proposal.

Process: Step 1. You should continue to work with the same general topic that was the focus of your annotated bibliography and literature review, enabling you to draw on resources that you previously found for those assignments. However, you may alter your research question as needed so that it is appropriate for the study you want to design.

Step 2. Referring back to what you identified as gaps/flaws/limitations in the existing research, identify where there is a need for further study, one that you would be interested in investigating further. (If you havent found a specific flaw that is okay you can still suggest a need for more research in a particular area.)

Step 3. Drawing on what you have learned about research design throughout the semester, design a small pilot study: 1) a small-scale pilot study that you will actually complete to collect and analyze your own data,

2) suggest a need for a larger scale study and that that may entail. (See Design Small Scale Study document).

Step 4. Draft your essay, using the Blueprint for Your Research Prospectus handout as a guide.

Format: The research proprosal should be approximately 6 -10 typed and double-spaced pages (the required title page, using APA style, and bibliography page(s) do not count toward this requirement), conform to formatting guidelines (12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 margins, proper heading, etc.), and use APA style or the documentation style of your field. For this assignment you will need to include an abstract page, which will count toward the page limit. The research proposal should consist of the following sections, all of which should be labeled in the paper except for the Introduction with literature review: 1) Abstract ( page); 2) Introduction – 1 – 2 pages; Body of paper will include your Literature Review. 3) Small-Scale Pilot Study Methods and Findings (approximately 2 pages); 4) Propose a large scale study and briefly describe what that may entail and explain why it is necessary 1/2 to 1 page; and 5) Conclusion ( page to 1 page). You will also have appendices which is the list of questions for your primary research. Assessment: 30 – 35% of your final course grade
This assignment is required to used the previous papers written to produce a research proposal. I can upload previous papers