Second Wave Feminism

Drawing specific examples from the assigned reading and interview, write a paper (1,000 – 1.250 words) explaining how second-wave feminism affected American views on women in the workforce.

Begin by briefly explaining the the historical context in which second wave feminism emerged. Then, analyze the documents and explain how they illustrate the influence of feminism (or not) on the debate about women in the workforce.
Conclude with a discussion of how the documents provide evidence (or not) of change over time in attitudes toward women.
To prepare for this assignment, carefully read Brown and Shannon, Going to the Source, vol. 2 CAPSTONE: Organizing Their Lives: Women, Work, and Family, 1950 2000. Complete the source table to help you analyze the documents before you write. If you need additional sources, use the resources listed under “To Find Out More” at the end of the chapter.