School to prison pipeline

-Give a brief understanding of what the school to prison pipeline is by using peer review sources and intext citations throughout.
-Describe the problem (not having enough support outside of school), the goal (to encourage kids to go to after school programs, do fundraisers with sports etc) and the target of change (the target is to encourage students to stay involved with school and being on top of their school work) be specific and include facts about the issue (school to prison pipeline and how not having support outside of school can lead to this).
-Assessment of how likely this project will be successful. (When you started, how successful did you feel it would be? Consider values, people affected, power, size of change, economics etc.)
-Strategy: what strategy/tactics was used to accomplish the goal? Be specific and the plan to accomplish the goal. What was the message and to what extent did it make sense?
-Evaluation: Describe strengths and problems. How was (or not) personal empowerment used and engagement? Did your strategy mat h your assessment? was the advocacy/organizing/persuasion work appropriate?
-Your participation: What did YOU did for the effort? What did you attend and write? What helped you feel engaged? What led you to be more passive?
-Please describe how social work values or ethics were reflected. (Use citations from the NASW Code of Ethics)