Sarah Smarsh’s Heartland – theme Poverty

How does the author represent the topic? -Poverty-

In a formal 3 to 5 page essay, support an argumentative thesis statement that responds to the question above.Make sure to narrow your focus after you selecta main topic.Support your thesis statement with evidence from the book in your body paragraphs. Make sure toanalyze the evidence you select, commenting on what the evidence means and making connections to your thesis.Additionally, the essay should cite relevantevidence from three peer-reviewed articles in your body paragraphs. You should submit a Working Bibliography and anAnnotated Bibliography for the peer-reviewed articles before submitting your essay. MLA The page format and the documentation of sources should follow the guidelines of the eighth edition of MLA style (2016). Recall that you should use in-text citationsfor summaries, quotes, and paraphrases and include a Works Citedentry for each source you use. Consult a documentation handbook or a credible online resource for help.

Cites used in the working bib- (incorporate in the essay)

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