same sex marriage

The format of the paper is critically important as the professor is very picky. The paper must contain 1 paragraph for the thesis and one paragraph for its counters.
Paragraph 1: Must contain a thesis with two points in favor with a little explanation.
Paragraph 2: Must contain a counter with two points and a little explanation
Paragraph 3: Must contain on point from the thesis (in favor), and be explained with two sources.
Paragraph 4: Must contain a counter-argument point to be explained with at least two sources
Paragraph 5: Must contain a point from the thesis (in favor), and be explained with two sources.
Paragraph 6: Must contain a point from the counter argument and be explained with two sources.
Paragraph 7: Prove counter claim wrong, and continue to defend your points.
Paragraph 8: Conclusion
-Please include a works cited list.
-Also, one of the points I’d like to defend in favor of same-sex marriage includes: “restricting same-sex marriage is a constraint to homosexual’s freedom.
– Feel free to pick the second point, but please make sure it is reasonable.
-I don’t have any counters but please pick them from this website (it was instructed by the proffesor) :
-I will provide you with an example the professor gave us, so you can follow the same format as I explained above. Click link to view example (
-Follow the exact same format as the example provided. Please provide reasonable evidence for each point.
-Important note: The sentence points for the thesis and the counters should be the opening sentence in the paragraphs in which you will explain them with evidence.
-Avoid being repetitive at all.
-I will provide you with an example from another writer from this platform, whose paper I didn’t like because it was to repetitive and not a university level paper. It was disorganized and repetitive, so please make sure not to follow his sample.
-The paper should not be too wordy. As long as you prove the points, and follow the correct format, everything is fine. It doesn’t need to be 6 pages mandatory but based on the format that should be around there.
-If the paper is not at a university level with well proven points, I will process a refund.
-I will add a bonus if the paper is well written, not repetitive, and smooth with well proven points.
-Feel free to use the paper I provided you with, you can use the points being discussed there but please organize the paper properly.
-For example, each paragraph is devoted to a specific point, you shouldn’t mix two points in a paragraph.
-Contact me if you have any questions about the format of the paper.
Thank you very much.