Review the Instructional Design lecture of the course (here in Week 4) that discusses the ADDIE Model and the application of the Learning Objects theory

Week Four Final Project Assignment
Click on the “Week Four Assignment” link above to submit the link to final project in My eCoach, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

The Final Project for EDT 600A will use the Universal Builder (Web Page Builder located in the Toobox in My-eCoach. This web page builder will assist you in creating a simple website to communicate factual information, to teach, or to instruct on a specific concept.

Video Tutorial on Setting Up Your Final Project in My-eCoach

Overview My ecoach Project from National University
Directions for Building Web Project in My-eCoach

Review the Instructional Design lecture of the course (here in Week 4) that discusses the ADDIE Model and the application of the Learning Objects theory

Create Your Project using the Universal Builder of My eCoach.
You must be logged in to work in the Project Builder of My-eCoach.
Firefox is the most compatible browser for constructing with My-eCoach tools.

There are many templates in My-eCoach to get you started. (If you use a ready made project or template you can clone (copy) it and make it your own. The copy will show up in your Locker.

Use Presentation Script Guidelines for the Oral Presentation of Work
Presentation of the Project is due the last week of class (presentation times begin on Thursday and end on Saturday.

At the time of the presentation, the project does not have to be 100% finalized. The project can be a prototype and work in progress but must have the minimum requirements.

All work is completed by Saturday at midnight.

Conduct Peer Reviews directly on the project pages. You will find them in our class.

Recording of Step by Step Instruction from a Collaborate Session from September 21, 2016

Project Evaluation Rubric

Rubric for Final Project EDT 600A

Sample with Comments and URL



E- Exceeds

M- Meets

NI Needs Improvement

Concepts: Details and Description

Each section is appropriately labeled.


Comprehensive curriculum! It is evident you know your subject matter well. Careful, several of your resources/links to resources are brief and have been uploaded without specific directions for the students. You might want to give the learner more directions on what they are doing with these excellent resources.

Make sure that when you show a link the end-user knows exactly what they will do when they get there. Include a brief summary and wrap instruction around the web resource so that all content is purposeful and all clicking on sites is meaningful.

Audience and Purpose is Evident

Goals and Objectives are Evident

Content- Three or more tabs/pages with sub-categories.

Depth of content is just-right

Customization- Has selected appropriate template and images for each section. Customization features in My eCoach have been applied.

Mechanics: Text is formatted correctly with no font irregularities.

All text reflects good grammar, free from spelling errors, and contains rich, descriptive but succinct language.

Images are sized-appropriately.

Ethical use of images and text is exercised in all cases.

Websites and images are cited if they are not public domain.

Learning Objects (4): Link to a video, Sound or Narration of content; Presentation uploaded from Slideshare or PowerPoint (can be curated), created a survey in My eCoach survey tool or other tools, Quiz. create a unique Blog for participants, add an interactive forum or synchronous chat area, align to state or national standards (use the alignment tool built into My eCoach, insert a table or graphic representing a table, insert a calendar.


Preparing for Your Oral Presentation of Your Project (These will be held the last days of class and conducted over Zoom. If there are scheduling conflicts, you can record your project overview and post in the class.)

Presentation Script

Here is a mini-script for your 10-minute presentation of Project in Universal Builder of My-eCoach

Overview of Project (Don’t forget to introduce yourself)




The template used

Categories for pages

Instructional design comments


Learning Objects

Show a few Specific Links

Refer to Citations (if you have them

Closure and Questions