Research Paper on Shawshank Redemption and religion

This assignment asks you to write an original essay that analyzes ONE film of your choice NOT viewed in class. Choose one of the following topics and use a minimum of THREE credible outside sources in relation to the film you choose. TWO of the sources must be a scholarly article and/or book. ONE source can be a credible film review (e.g. The New York Times). You will be required to locate credible sources by searching electronic and traditional databases. Please be aware, while the Internet and Wikipedia might be effective brainstorming tools, they are NOT considered credible sources. We will be having a research session in class to discuss ways to find sources. Each student is required to submit a short proposal for your film and topic (due 4/23)
As a research paper, you will want to place your film within a theoretical, historical, or critical context based on the materials you find. Considering the aesthetic elements explored throughout the semester, you can analyze your film in relation to its themes, socio-cultural context, technological importance, or an ideology (e.g. feminism, race theory, class consciousness, postmodernism). This paper will give you an opportunity to explore a topic that deeply interests you or relates to your studies. Like the first essay, you should focus your argument on the relationship between film form, film style, and film content. That is, how do form and style convey meaning, and how do they contribute to the films ideas and themes? Identify formal patterns within your film and analyze them in relation to their function within the films overall system of storytelling. How does the film use the language of cinema to produce a specific audio/visual experience? Use specific scenes and examples from the film to support your argument. A key point to remember is that analysis is more than description. Do NOT merely re-tell plot. Assume that your reader is as familiar with the film as you are so use plot descriptions sparingly, and only to back up your argument.