Representation of Student-Athletes in the media

Annotated Bibliography
120 points

An annotated bibliography is a list of research references (a bibliography) with annotations that summarize the articles arguments and then evaluate the articles benefits, drawbacks, and usefulness (ie: CRAAP Analysis).

Most annotated bibliographies have themes. You dont just go out and explore everything on the internet. You research with a purpose, and that purpose needs a theme. The theme for this assignment is:

How is your particular chosen identity represented in current popular media, and how do those representations affect the lived experience of actual people with that identity?

All five articles you annotate must be about the same identity.

Once youve chosen an identity to explore, you have to find, read, and annotate FIVE articles about that identity:
THREE entries about articles you find on the internet about media representations of your chosen identity
TWO peer-reviewed journal articles you find in our library databases about media representations of your chosen identity

Potential subjects/topics of the articles include:
The myths and/or stereotypes built up around the identity
The history of representation of chosen identity
Problems, issues, discriminations, and/or difficulties of living as/with the identity
Discussions of the lack of media representations of that identity
Discussion of the types of and problems with media representations of that identity
How to improve representations of chosen identity

Each entry in the Annotated Bibliography must have ALL of the following:
Correctly formatted APA Reference entry at the top of the page, formatted with hanging indent
225-300 word Annotation in three separate paragraphs:
o 75-100 word paragraph summary of the main argument(s) of the article
Make sure EVERY sentence in the summary makes it clear that youre still summarizing the article.
o 75-100 word paragraph performing an analysis of the article
Paragraph form, NOT bullet form
Analyze whether the article is reliable, credible, current, accurate, and has authority. Touch on the important parts of the CRAAP analysis for this article (that is, you dont have to cover every letter of the acronym, just the important ones for this particular article)
Make sure you end the paragraph with a value judgement of whether its a good article to use for an academic paper. That is, explicitly say, This is an appropriate article for an academic paper or something like, There is lots of interesting information, but it needs to be confirmed in other sources before I can use it or something like, I got a lot of interesting information from this article that I can use to continue my research, but I cant use this article itself in my academic paper because
o 75-100 word paragraph of personal evaluation of the article
Tell me what you personally thought about the article, no matter whether or not its appropriate to use in an academic paper. For instance: How is this article useful/helpful to you? What new information did you learn? What statistics did it provide you? What did it confirm for you? Did it change your mind about anything?

Each entry must be on its own page, so make sure to CTRL + Enter after each entry to get a page break.