Rehabilitation and Reintegration in prison system

Write a 3 page paper in APA format using the Three Articles under Resources. This should contain a cover page, 3 pages of body (no more, no less), be in 12 pt font, New Times Roman with 1-inch margins all around, and conclude with separate references page.

This should be in 3rd person so you are not using the word “I”, “Me”, etc. Do not use empty sentences such as, “That would be good” – what would be good and why. Avoid using the word “very”. If it is very cold, you could use Frigid, if it is very tired – you could say exhausted. Other similar words to avoid are “really” and casual terms like – “go with it” could be “agree to participate”.

Paragraphs need to be at least 3 sentences long and have an introductory sentence, one or more sentences for a body, and a conclusion or transition sentence. Write you paper, then go back and write an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph that will be part of the body of the paper.