Recommendation Report & Powerpoint Presentation

The recommendation report is to be based on a previous topic:
>”Effective Hand Washing”< This is in relation to the instruction: "your group will develop a recommendation report that proposes and recommends an instructional solution to a business, technical, or social problem based on the request for proposal (RFP) your group has responded to." In other words, Effective Hand Washing is the "business, technical, or social 'problem'". Length: Recommendation Report: 10 pages, including: PowerPoint Presentation: 15 minutes at 1-2 minutes per slide = 15 slides (only do these two the attached docx file requests more pages, but I only want these two parts done by you) Organizational elements are required, including: Section Headings and subheadings Page numbers Headers At least one graphic element per page 1-2 line spacing APA or MLA-style Reference Page PowerPoint presentation submitted as separate document Note to the writer: Because there is a Powerpoint Presentation, quote me. Attached files: a docx with the instructions, and a pptx file on how to make Recommendation Reports