Read case “De Beers Group Marketing To Millennials”

Instructions: Read case De Beers Group Marketing To Millennials and The FTC is
reportedly investigating Juuls teen marketing tactics to answer the five questions. Students will
be evaluated on their ability to provide in-depth analysis that integrates key terminology and
models from chapter readings, as well as the ability to support their answers with evidence from
all readings. Students will also be evaluated on their ability to respond to each question using
professional business writing and proper grammar.
All answers must be typed using MS Word and upload to Blackboard. Best practices suggest that
students save their typed work on MS Word periodically. Make sure to submit your document
before the deadline!
1. Identify the three main issues De Beers faces and explain who are the stakeholder in these
2. Describe the challenges De Beers face in relation to millennial target market.
3. Using an appropriate framework, analyze the Real is Rare campaign and provide a detailed
description of the pros and cons of the campaign.
4. What would you recommend to De Beers with respect to its marketing strategy. Specifically
address issues related to the entire marketing mix and describe how your recommendation in one
marketing mix element might impact another part of the marketing mix.
5. Read the article titled The FTC is reportedly investigating Juuls teen marketing tactics and
discuss the following issues. Do you believe it is ethical to advertise this type of product to teens
who are legally able to smoke? Discuss how the decision to advertise, or not to advertise, to this
segment may impact internal stakeholders (i.e., companys managers, employees, and
shareholders) and external stakeholders (i.e, customers, supplier and other stakeholders).