Race and ethnicity final assignment

Race & Ethnicity Research Assignment
Theme: Why has Race been so contentious?

Historically, racial groups have had to endure discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and even violence, so why in the 21st century has it not changed? Countries say they accept diversity, but to what extent?
This research assignment is providing you an array of experiences at how racial conflicts leave a lasting impact on an individual and all of society.

Research topics
From the following research materials, you will discuss what were the presenters/authors trying to convey to their audience:
Video Clips
Angelica Dass: The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color
Ted Talk 3/28/2016
America Inside Out with Katie Couric: The Muslim Next Door (trailer view) 4/2018

These Twins, One Black and One White Will Make You Rethink Race by Patricia Edmonds, WordPress.com 3/23/2018
Michael Norris, Out the Anxiety of White America and Her Optimism for the Future
NPR.org, 3/13/2018

Additionally, you are to locate research material on the theme, in order to enhance your awareness of the complexities of race as its carryovers into everyday individuals lives. Think about the immigrants that have had to migrate to other regions of Europe and to the United States, due to the collapse in their countries. A question for the United States as well as those countries abroad, how will the influx of immigrants change the norm as we see it today?
In summary, how do we as a nation move forward in addressing the importance of race for next generation?
Presentation format:
Type double space: Times Roman, Franklin Gothic 12 points font size
Page Requirements: 4full pages
Please ensure that margins are appropriate
Cover and Reference pages are not included in the page count.
Reference citation APA format (references are to come from scholarly written sources)
Cover page: Name of assignment (theme), your name, professors name, and the course.

Due date: May 6th Late papers will be reduced by 20%