putting excel project into word

using the company urban outfitters and the attached files
Excel Assignment 4 (EX-4) Students will submit a Word document which will include charts,
graphs and ratio trends created in Excel to identify the likelihood of their company achieving the
numbers they have generated in EX-3. Make sure the submitted assignment includes reference to
two research sources (Mergent, Morningstar, Standard & Poors, Value Line) that cover the
company. A good place to start this assignment is to read the Managements Discussion and
Analysis Section of the Annual Report filing. As with all assignments, this assignment is limited to
Uone pageU and the font size cannot be less than 10 so it will be important to use space judiciously.
The reader of EX-4 will learn how the analysis in EX-3 was arrived at and a diligent student will
illustrate the trends of key ratios for the company. At a minimum, students must describe how the
variables in the model were arrived at. A discussion of sales change, cost of goods sold percentage
and SG&A expense must be included.