Public eructation for all in Platos dialogue called Meno.

This task is made of four short essays paper in which you will address a particular Issue related to a more general topic area of the importance of Public eructation for all in Platos dialogue called Meno.

The short answer paper should be written in a formal style, in the third person voice, and it will present your original, considered solution or unique approach to solving the problem or settling the issue in question. It will be your considered opinion, but the main point of Writing a position paper is not only to let others Know your opinion or point of view on an issue or particular topic, but also to lay out, in a clear and logical manner, the reasons why you hold this point of view. In other words, the sum total of evidence you can bring forward to support your position, plus a statement of the position itself, comprises of what philosophers call an argument.

A position paper is also known as an argumentative essay. As a quick reminder a Philosophical argument is simply giving reasons (the premises of the argument) for why a particular claim (the conclusion) of the argument should be taken as true.

The introductory paragraph should present the issue in question and include a clear and precise statement of your thesis, which is your position on the issue. Another essential element of the position paper or argumentative essay is a consideration of at least one alternative position on the same issue, and this is typically an opposing view. So in this paper, you will assert and defend your own position, and you will also consider at least one opposing or alternative position on the issue and the argument(s) in support of that view.

Finally, you will show why you reject any opposing or alternative position and instead hold the one you do.