Psychopharmacology Interest

Use of harm reduction model around the world vs the war on drugs on individuals who are incarcerated. You will be required to complete a 4-5 page (double-spaced) paper based on your personal and professional interests with a relevant topic devoted to psychopharmacology. The paper must align to APA, 6th/7th edition writing style and include relevant citations from the professional literature (minimum of 3 citations that are peer-reviewed publications). The use of first-person language (i.e., I) is to be avoided. Example topics for this paper include, but is not limited to: 1) Ethical issues regarding the use of psychotropic medication, 2) Argument to change drug-control policy or modify prevention programs, 3) Explore new drug trends and discuss their cultural significance, 4) Psychotropic medication and their relation to models of disability and service provision, 5) Psychopharmacology research using randomized-clinical trials (RCTs) and relevant ethical, legal, and clinical implications of this type of research, & 6) History of direct to consumer advertising and its relevance to psychotropic medication (including relevant legal and ethical issues).