As stated in your syllabus, one of the requirements for this class is to write a short paper based on several videos that focus on issues related to happiness or well-being. In this folder, you will find links to 5 videos (dont worrytheyre all less than 20 minutes long and very entertaining). I would like for you to watch at least 4 out of 5 of the videos and take careful notes.

Your paper should be divided into three sections:

I. Summary of Videos
I would like for you to write a summary of each of the videos. Each summary should be at least a paragraph long and should show evidence that you watched the video and understood the major points.

II. Reflection
After you have summarized each of the videos, I would like for you to reflect on the broader implications of the videos. How do the videos relate to what you learned in class? How do they relate to one another? Are there underlying similarities or differences in the views expressed by the four presenters? In this section, I am looking for evidence that you are thinking critically and making some connections. (I know this part is difficultjust do your best!). You are encouraged to read Chapter 13 of your textbook (Emotion and Personality) for some ideas.

III. Reaction
In the final part of your paper, I am interested in reading about your reactions to each of the videos. What are your thoughts and feelings associated with each of the videos? Are you interested in learning more about a particular topic? Why?

Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages typed, double-spaced (1 margins and 12 point font). I will be printing out your final paper, so please be sure to include your name and do not add a cover page or a reference list. Your paper must be written in your own words. Please be sure to proof your paper for spelling and grammar before you submit it to me. You will be submitting the paper to me as an attachment, so please be sure to save it in Word format (no zip files, please!). The drop box for submitting the paper will be available the first day of finals week. The final due date for the paper is May 13 (Wednesday) at noon. The paper is worth 15% of your final grade, so dont wait until the last minute to do this assignment!

In case you’re having problems with the video links, here are the URLs:

Barry Schwartz on The Paradox of Choice

Daniel Kahneman on The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory

Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

Dan Gilbert on Why We are Happy

Matthieu Ricard on The Habits of Happiness