Psychological disorders DSM

Clinical Criteriaon a page by itself page 2
This should be taken directly from the DSM-V. The clinical criteria must be a screenshot and not copied text. You can find the DSM on the Librarys website in the portal.
You must describe the disorder through an individual/s that had the disorder. It must not be from someone that you know personally (i.e. family member, friend). This can be from a book, article, movie, case study or other similar medium. Your sources should be credible. In other words, it should be from a reputable source.
Symptoms for the disorder must be given. What specific symptoms does the disorder have? Treatment
Treatment for the disorder must be given. This can be found through research. Please do not make up your own treatment plan
A summary of what was discussed along with any final words. Adding something such as why the disorder is important to study or what youve learned.
Referencesmust have 3-4 references
Final page
The reference page must be in APA format. Hanging line by 0.5 and references must be double spaced by alphabetical order. One reference must be the DSM-V.