Provide context consider what your audience needs to know. How much background information should you include?

The title page and reference or works cited page are not included in the page count. If you do not meet the page requirements for this assignment, your grade will be affected.

The purpose of writing an argument persuasion paper is to create a position on a controversial topic and to present effective, relevant reasons and examples to support your position. Your audience does not have to agree with your position, but you should present your position in such a way that they value and respect your input.

You will choose a topic that relates to your workplace experience. For instance, you can write a paper on work hours, benefits, employee interactions, employee employer relationships, work stress, balancing work and school, etc.
Once you choose a topic, you will create a clear and arguable position
Provide context consider what your audience needs to know. How much background information should you include?
Create an outline determine your supporting points or good reasons
Search for convincing evidence you will need to research at least 6 scholarly sources for this assignment. Four sources should support your position 2 sources should support a counter opinion
After you have determined your thesis and your main points, consider how you can appeal to readers
Make sure that you carefully consider other positions

Contains a thesis statement that captures the readers attention, contains persuasive logic, previews the essay and provides a framework for the essay or paper.
Each paragraph supports the logic/argument of the thesis statement.
Plentiful and specific details are used to support the thesis statement: examples, statistics, anecdotes, etc. Information is correct
Demonstrates unity and coherence: transitions are used between paragraphs and between ideas in the same paragraph.
Conclusion is correctly drawn from the body of the paper and is not simply repetitive.
Language is concise and clear; word choice is appropriate. Writers voice is distinct and well-expressed.
Writing is grammatically correct and free of typos
APA or MLA formatting is correct.

Writers Memo:
When you submit this assignment, add a paragraph to the end that explains how you met the rhetorical situation. What decisions did you make as you were writing? Did you face any challenges? Are you pleased with this final draft? Do you want to move through another round of revisions? Why?