Project Planning and Research for Information Systems Professionals

Part B: You must not collect any of your own data for this part of
the coursework, the work must be carried out on the data set
This will be assessed by a 3000 word report, which should cover
the following:
Chapter 1 Introduction (10 marks)
This should be an introduction to your report, which clearly defines the
data you have been given and outlines the main aims of the data
analysis you will be undertaking.
Chapter 2 Data Analysis and Presentation of Results (40 Marks)
This should include
A discussion of different data analyses techniques, highlighting
which are relevant for your data.
The analysis of the data using appropriate techniques and
software. The analysis must include the construction of correctly
presented and explained charts, graphs, tables and plots.
The presentation of the results obtained from the analysis.
Chapter 3 Conclusions and Evaluation (10 Marks)
This should include
A summary the main findings of your data analysis
A critically evaluate what you have achieved and how well you
have met the research aims discussed in the introduction.
An acknowledgement of any limitations in your results.
A discuss how your work might be developed further in the future.
Presentation of the report including English (10 Marks)
Formatting requirements for part B:
Cover page
Table of Contents and Table of Figures [if appropriate]
Text in 11- or 12-point font [Times New Roman, Arial or equivalent]
Appropriate section headings with assigned heading levels