Program Outcomes Reflection Summary

The Program Outcome Reflections project required you to reflect on each of the five Public Safety Administration Program Outcomes demonstrating a comprehension of the concept(s), and indicating how the PSAD curriculum provided you the knowledge and skills (process or application of knowledge) to master the outcome. Please summarize your comments in a 500-word document for this assignment. Include suggestions to improve the curriculum or unresolved issues you have with the program.
1.Facilitate and support leadership in public safety administration to manage successful programs, including intergovernmental, interagency, and interdisciplinary outreach
2.Use informed decision making, goal orientation, teamwork, ethical behavior, enhanced technology, and communications to ensure effective leadership in public safety administration.
3.Use clear and effective communication strategies and strong interpersonal, technological, and social media skills to help build collaborative partnerships.
4.Identify risks and design responses, plans, training, and exercises that coordinate public and private resources to effectively meet public safety goals.
5.Develop concise policy, plans, and procedures to support public safety administration.