Professional Accountability

The specific paper instructions and rubric are attached as documents.

– Use question titles as section headers. Example: Section one would be titled “Nursing Theory”. Section 2 would be titled “Excellent Nursing Practices” etc.

– Does not have to be certain number of words, just as long as all of the sections are answered. If you need more or less than 8 pages please contact me.

– I have a video in mp4 format that explains the paper in detail. I’d like for that videos instructions to be followed more closely. Please email me so I can email that video to you.

– Please refer to the attached PDF for more details regarding the content required for each section.

– You will need to know that I am a pediatric home health nurse for some sections.

– For section A please use a nursing theory from the text in the document I attached as “Task 1 Section A and B Chapters”.

– For section C and some of the following sections you will need to know that I am a nurse in Arizona and will have to use information for the Arizona State Board of Nursing website.

– Section F: Need a separate paragraph for each of the roles.

– Section G: Please use a medication error.

– If you need more personal information for any other sections feel free to contact me.