Prison reform in America and why the sustainability efforts are inn-effective.

Create an original perspective. Consider an angle/position, or a new line of inquiry. Pick a topic with both applicable and broad stakes for readers.
-Remember to avoid topics that wont allow you to develop a critical perspective. This is not an informational research project. Whatever topic you choose, you should be able to build an original thesis that argues something new.
Avoid binary oppositional approaches.
-Although controversial or contentious issues are fine, be sure to avoid over-simplifying positions in your analysis/argument. There are usually more than two ways of viewing a situation.
Pick a timely and timeless topic.
-Some topics are not going to be relevant in two months unless you make them relevant for years. Other topics will not feel current or contemporary unless you make them that way. Dont pick a headline topic unless you can contextualize it in time/space. Dont pick a historical or broadly conceptual topic unless you can relate it to contemporary conditions.
Think about potential answers to open and closed questions/hypotheses, as well as 3-story thesis development, using this form to build your working thesis
Your working thesis is the single most important aspect of the writing process.
he also wanted an annotated bibliography for the sources ๐Ÿ™‚