Principles of Human Resource Management


1) Full detail backstory leading up to the need to hire for a new position.
2) Narrative outlining Step 2 of the Job Analysis Process with 2 graphics:
1)Company Organizational Chart showing where the new position fits into the organization.
2)Process Chart showing the flow of work to and from the new position
3) Job Description for a new position
4) Recruitment plan detailing specific methods for gathering applicants for the new position.
5) Structure Situational Interview:
1)Design interview questions and benchmark answers to use when interviewing candidates for the new position.
2)Explain who will be on the interview panel and a timeline for the entire interview process.
6) Write a Best Company HRM Philosophy for the organization in your scenario using support from recently praised companies (conduct internet research and provided works cited)
Step 1 Review assignment requirements.

Be sure to incorporate the most relevant Human Resource Management principles in all the deliverables to your scenario and BOLD them in your paper. Format your document in the following manner:

Review project Rubric.
NUMBER each part of the final in the order presented under Deliverables.
Be very structured in the presentation of deliverables so it is VERY clear and organized, easy to read, and easy to follow for understandability and grading purposes.
At the end of the report cite the sources you used to complete the final project.
Follow these guidelines in writing your responses to the scenario:

Use clear, concise sentences.
Use clear and relatable real-world examples to help explain concepts.
Use language appropriate for management in a work environment.
Share your enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter.
Relate the material to your personal experiences whenever possible.
Read the report aloud before finalizing it and submitting it for grading.

Step 2 Create Deliverables.


Conduct Step 2 of the Job Analysis Process (pg. 102)
Develop a Job Description (pg. 111)
Document a recruitment plan for a pool of interview candidates (Ch. 5)
Design a Structured Situational Interview (pg. 216)
Write a Best Company Human Resource Philosophy (pg 471)
Assignment Overview

Using a real-world scenario with you, family, or friend, as the star in a current, or a past, employment situation. Using a real-life situation will be much easier than trying to make one up from scratch. Use YOUR current job or a past job.

You could also use someone elses current experience; get them involved in your course work and explain your project and ask for their assistance by sitting down with you while you interview them to gather all the information youll need for a successful project outcome.

Using the same scenario as a continuing thread, create the following deliverables using specific information as presented in the course textbook or other sources relating to the same or similar Human Resource Principles.