Primate Conservation Extra Credit Project (30 points) jzh anthro1 ec

Look through the publication PRIMATES IN PERIL: The worlds 25 most endangered primates 2018-2020

Choose 3 species that you want to focus on: one strepsirhine, one monkey, and one ape.
Must include one strepsirhine, one monkey, and one ape.

For EACH species, answer the following questions (you should have three sets of answers to these questions, one for each species). You can use information from your textbook as well as the Primates In Peril publication. If you use information from another source, you MUST cite the source and indicate what information you took from it.

1 What is the common name? What is the genus/species name?
2 Where does this species live? (both geographic location and habitat)
3 Describe the physical characteristics of this primate.
4 Describe the behavioral adaptations of this primate.
5 Do you think any of the physical and/or behavioral characteristics of this primate may make it particularly susceptible to being endangered?
6 What are the greatest threats to this primate? In other words, what are the main reasons why it is endangered?

Answer these SUMMARY QUESTIONS (answer only once):
1. What did you learn or what you were surprised to learn from this project? Is there anything that really stood out to you?
2. What do you think, globally or nationally, could and should be done to protect endangered primates?
3. Do you think there is anything individuals like yourself can do to help protect endangered primates? If yes, describe what. If no, describe why you feel this way.