Preparing to close abuse cases DB

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Anne has been in foster care for the past 6 months and has thrived during that time. Anne’s therapist has indicated that Anne really loves her biological parents and enjoys visiting with them, but is ambivalent about returning home. Anne’s biological parents have had a difficult time complying with required services but Anne’s mother has made more progress than Anne’s father.

Anne’s mother entered drug treatment and has maintained sobriety for the past 90-days and is contemplating getting her own apartment so that Anne can come home.
Anne’s father has begun anger management classes but has been resistant to individual and family therapy.
As the assigned caseworker, you still have concerns about Anne’s safety, but recognize that the goal for this family is reunification. Based on the case file and the current progress in services, you have to make a recommendation to the court about possible reunification.

Draft a 2-3 paragraph progress report with recommendations to the Court and include the following information:

Given the allegations, is reunification possible for this family?
If you are recommending reunification, are you recommending Anne return to one or both parents?
What services would need to continue in order for Anne to return home?
Does Anne’s ambivalence about returning home make a difference in your recommendation?
When commenting to peers, consider the points you agree or disagree with in their recommendations. Be sure to be respectful and support you opinions.

Demonstrate the report writing and documentation skills needed in abuse and neglect cases.
Discuss the dynamics of incest and familial abuse.
Identify the family roles, responsibilities and rights in child abuse cases including the effects of ICWA.