Positive Behavior Interventions

Here are some questions to aid your research regarding the use of positive behavior interventions and supports. Papers are to be 7 pages, written in APA style plus a title page and reference page. Writing style, focus on in-text citations, reference page and researching the topic including details, examples and references to scholarly information. Do your best to avoid making declarative statements in your paper without providing a scholarly reference to support the statement. Below are some questions you may want to use in developing your paper. As always feel free to ask as many questions as you like, the earlier the better! ๐Ÿ™‚ E

What are positive behavior interventions and supports?
Are they required to be addressed in federal law?
What are the different types of reinforcement teachers may use in various environments (school, home, etc.) to increase appropriate behavior?
Describe the factors associated with the effective use of reinforcement.
Describe different types of reinforcement schedules, and give examples of the use of each reinforcement schedule within a classroom environment.
Discuss the process of shaping new behaviors. Give an example of shaping a series of behaviors within a classroom setting.
What do we mean when we talk about program generalization and maintenance? How can they both be facilitated during and after a behavior management program?