Pop Culture: Historical Context Method Lab

View the assigned pop cultural text from your instructor and compose a 4-5 page essay that answers the following question: What is the relationship between this texts*** representations of gender and its historical contexts? Write the introduction with a thesis statement and setting the scene for the historical context from which it emerged. Write three respective analyses of the text in relation to different themes of the text’s representation vis-a-vis historical context (in other words, what historical themes informed this text and what themes is this text highlighting, connect to histories). Write the conclusion restating your thesis (I/We argue statement) and connecting these representations or analyses (aka, where is intertextuality seen with contemporary texts? How does the assigned text act as a form of historiography?) In discussing your answer, use at least 1 (one) scholarly resource in supporting your answer, and cite it according to MLA style (therefore, your Works Cited page will have at least 5 sources).