Police Brutality

For this last assignment, you will compose an essay that both informs and argues a point based on an approved topic of your choice. Research Papers are typically 8-10 pages in length (which includes the Works Cited page), and you will need to use 8-10 academic sources from the JSCC Library databases.

The purpose of this paper is to persuade a specific audience to change beliefs, attitudes, or understanding about a particular ideology, event, situation, object, etc. You are to use sound reasoning, avoid logical and emotional fallacies, and present argument(s) in a non-confrontational manner. You should use logical claims and appeals to convince the audience to support your view, or at least, to re-examine their viewpoint. You should mention and refute the opposing views by providing evidence to support your views or beliefs.

Make sure you cite at least eight sources in your paper: at least six of the sources should come from a JSCC Library Databases, and two additional sources can be from the internet. Your sources should be used to support what you are saying–do not use sources to speak for you. Only one source should be an encyclopedia type source. Cite your sources according to the MLA format, and your format must be perfect to get MLA points. When in doubt, look it up!

MLA Style Guide

Here are a couple of outlines that you may be familiar with that may also help: basic outline and outline worksheet.

Students cannot write on a topic they have written on before, and they cannot write on a topic another student is writing upon.

College level reading and writing
Application of any of the Critical Domains of Thought to any text assigned for this class
Montresor’s psychological problems
The narrator from “Porphyria’s Lover” psychological problems
Revenge and justice
Victim mentality–Madi
The Taliban–Destiny
Middle Eastern attitudes towards women and/or children
Injustice in modern society
Historical police procedures–in America or in Britain (or abroad)–Sally
The history of the Mormon people
The advent and purpose of newspapers–Katie
The detective genre of literature
Women and suicide due to marriage
Spiritualism, psychics, and mediums–Gini
Women’s rights–in America or abroad
The #MeToo movement
Child marriage in America
The KKK in America
Bombing of American churches and places of worship
Attacks on American religions–Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim religions
Medical research for women
Medical diagnosis for women, historically or currently
Medical treatments for women, historically or currently–Elizabeth
The Rest Cure for women, historically
Current medical practices for postpartum women–Megan
Marriage for women, historically or current–Hannah
Standards of behavior for women/girls
Standards of behavior for men/boys
The current state of Civil Rights in America
Educating women–in America or abroad
Police accountability
Police brutality
Racism in America for African Americans
Racism in America for African American Women
Racism in America for Middle Eastern people
Racism in American for Eastern European people
Racism in America for Asian people
Ageism–for the elderly
Mental illness for men
Mental illness for women
Toxic Masculinity–Melissa
Minimum Requirements
Use MLA format to set up your paper.
Make sure your thesis statement is strongly worded.
Be sure to provide background information for context in your introductory paragraph(s).
Be sure to provide an essay map in your introduction that sets up the structure for the rest of the paper.
Make sure you have clear topic sentences for each paragraph.
Provide sufficient descriptive details and narration evidence to help your audience fully understand your topic.
Be sure to explain your evidence in the context of your arguments.
Be sure to explain how each body paragraph supports your thesis statement.
Adhere to the academic outline and structure.
Make sure you are writing in context and writing to a specific audience.
Organize your paper according to academic standards and structure.
Provide sound arguments that you support with reasons and evidence.
Be sure to use standard, edited American English.
Proofread and revise before you submit your assignment.
Make sure your paper is research essay length, which is at least eight pages, and this includes the Works Cited page(s).
Cite as least eight academic sources in support of your arguments throughout your essay, and most should come from the JSCC Library databases.
Avoid plagiarism by providing accurate signal phrases and end citations in text.
Avoid plagiarism by providing an accurate works cited page.
Prepare a works cited page listing all of the sources you’re using in your paper.
Submit your paper to your professor in the DROPBOX by the assigned due date and time.