Pick one work of art and write a thorough, critical analysis of it.

Pick one work of art and write a thorough, critical analysis of it. The only limitation on choice is that it may not be one used in a writing response assignment. This means covering all the key terminology associated with that art form. This means explaining the key elements, such as subject, as well as material and techniques used. This means discussing style, philosophical concepts, as well as the historical and cultural context.

What is the subject?
Medium (What is it made out of, what materials are used?)
Shapes (geometric, organic, implied, positive, negative? Etc.)
Space (perspective used; one-point, two-point, atmospheric, etc.? Implied depth? Etc.)
Lines (implied, irregular, actual, regular, wavy, thick, emotional? Etc.)
Balance (symmetrical or asymmetrical? Etc.)
Colors (saturated, monochromatic, warm or cool colors, complimentary? Etc.)
Value (hatching or cross-hatching? Chiaroscuro? Etc.)
Composition (unified or not, open or closed? Focal point? Etc.)
Form (organic, in the round? Etc.)
Patterns (motifs?)
Texture (rough, smooth, agitated, emotional, jagged, etc.?)
Scale (size and proportions of element within the work of art? Etc.)
Volume and mass (open or closed? Etc.)
Are any symbols used?
III. Conclusion: In this section, summarize why this artwork is important; discuss the role it played in the history, culture, art, and philosophy of its time, and how it continued to be influential on the art, history, culture, and philosophy that followed.