Physics of Music

Part 1: Understanding of Waves:

For each objective below, explain your understanding in your own words. Feel free to use resources in your understanding, however, you must explain it in your own words. This is an informal assignment where I am asking you to talk to me about what you know about each objective. 250 words per objective

Course Objectives:

Students will interpret and model waves & sound waves
Students will identify the parts of waves and how they change the sound of a sound wave
Students will demonstrate the difference between intensity and loudness
Students will be aware of the applications of the Doppler Effect
Students will distinguish between constructive and deconstructive interference
Students will identify interference applications
Students will define resonance and give its applications
Student will be able to model resonance mathematically and visually for string, pipes, and solids
Students will be able to explain how musical scales were developed and its relation frequency
Students will be able to explain how speech/singing is related to frequency
Students will understand the interaction of sound waves with the environment.

Part 2: Make Connections How has this class changed your perspective of waves/sound? Make one connections to the content presented so far and share your interaction. For example, have you experienced beats? Have you seen a standing wave in another scenario other than class, etc? 250 words


1. 5 pts Online submission via word document uploaded to blackboard (no email submissions).

2. 25 pts Informal in your own words. No copying and pasting from internet or notes.

3. 60 pts Accurate information

4. 10 pts Word count/length

a. 250 words per objective. (250 x 11 = 2750 words total for part 1)

b. 250 words Part II

c. Total word count = 3,000 words ~ 6 pages double spaced

+5 Creativity Bonus go above/beyond expectations, include media, etc.