Physics demonstration

After each chapter, watch demonstrations by Julius Sumner Miller over the topics of the chapter. Write one or two sentences describing each demonstration he does. You would turn in something like this:
1. (3:02) Air blown across the surface of an open book lifts the page instead
of pressing down on it.
2. (3:43) Air blown between the space between two string-suspended balls
spaced close together but not touching, causes the balls to move toward
each other instead of separating.
3. (4:07) Two ships passing close together attract each other due to the
reduced pressure and collide.
4. (5:10) Why a chimney has a good draft, demonstrated by puffed rice in
a vessel with an open ended tube (representing the chimney) dipped into
the vessel. Air blown across the top of the (open) chimney causes the
puffed rice to rise.
5. …and so on until the end of the video.
What I need is the timestamp of each demonstration, followed by a concise description that is complete enough that someone who has never seen the video
can imagine what happened based on just your description.

The videos can be found at: gCbUrQCIST T8IGviV jpO8vyp
And I need a summary for lessons number 5, 1, 13.