Physician Assistant Personal Statement

Note: This essay does not need any style or any source. Just single spaced 2 pages. Thank you!

1. Narrative (Intro): Story from patient care or healthcare experience and how you became interested in becoming a PA.
2. First Step: Transition from story to next step you took deciding on PA. Shadowing experience, volunteer work that impacted you.
3. Additional work: Academic work, Healthcare experience (am a Phlebotomist), Patient care experience and volunteering
4. Confirmation of your career choice: Experience with patient from PCE or HCE. Observation of a PA practicing in a way you admire. Experience with working as a team
5. Conclusion: Reference to initial narrative. Summary of your experience and how those relate to being a PA . How you hope to serve as a PA (related to prior experience. eg. provide access to care/ underserved populations).