Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

1/ Search for sources: you are required to find at least 3 different sources but the more the better because the more sources I read and the more stuff I collect to put in my essay . So for an essay of 1500 words listing a list of 7 sources is not an abnormality. Note sources can include reliable videos. See some tips below:

2/ select keywords for your search and find sources for each of them: for this essay the keywords I suggest are

Mitochondrion, Chloroplast, glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, electron transport chain, light reaction, Calvin cycle, CAM plants versus regular plants, life before oxygen, first autotrophs

3/ take notes on what you learn from your sources, do not copy stretches from your sources

4/ make a road map of your essay, how will you organize the info you collect? Do they answer the questions you need to answer? Do you need a bit more research to cover an area? Do you have enough info for the required length? What will you put in your introduction and conclusion?

5/ Write your essay away from your sources by simply using your notes, write simple sentences that are clear. Do not use any software that allows you to swap terms with synonyms, that will make your sentences unclear. Make sure your text has an introduction, a main body and conclusion and a list of reference.

6/ Once your essay is put together proof read it and check if each sentence has a subject and a verb. Do they make sense? If some sentences do not seem clear to you then they are not clear to me either.

7/ Check length ( beware a text that is only half of the required length is likely to gather only half of points) and turnitin score and make changes if needed ( text with similarity of 50% receive temporary 0 until revised)

If you need a road map

Introduction state what is energy (ATP, glucose) why is it needed in the cell?

Paragraph1: photosynthesis which organisms do that? where does it happen in the cell? Which wavelength of sunshine is absorbed? Provide info on dark reaction and light reaction. What the the overall equation 500 words

Paragraph 2: aerobic cellular respiration, which organisms do that? where does it happen in the cell? Present glycosysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport chain. Which part produce the largest amount of ATP. Provide equation of cellular respiration. What is fermentation? When does it happen? Who is doing fermentation ? 500 words

Paragraph 3: Make connection between cellular respiration and photosynthesis. What is the theory of endosymbiosis? When did photosynthesis appeared on earth, how did it change earth atmosphere? how did the first organisms on earth acquire their energy before photosynthesis? 500 words

Conclusion: climate change and photosynthesis. Why protecting an planting trees can help our newly modified atmosphere?

List of Reference