Pharmaceuticals and Ethics Discussion

Discussion Question 3: Pharmaceuticals & Ethics
You may have seen or heard ads with doctors promoting one drug or another sold by the various pharmaceutical companies. Consider these statements:

Do you feel there is something wrong when your trusted family doctor is paid to promote a medication?

How about all those television commercials on Viagra or other drugs? Do you think the American consumer should be educated on medications?

When you go to the doctor, do you tell the doctor what brand of antibiotic you should take?

How about medications like Vioxx and Celebrex that were taken off the market after several people allegedly died from taking them? Do you think officials at the FDA approved these anti-inflammatory (pain) medications too soon? Do you think Pharmaceutical representatives should take government officials and medical people out for “information” luncheons?

Before you “rush” to judgment; you should realize that America has one of the most advance medical care system in the world. People from around the globe flock to the US to receive the most advance medications and surgical procedures.

Discuss this ethical problem with your classmates. Use at least one (reputable, do not use Wikipedia) scientific source (list websites).

Note: there is no need to repeat the above questions in your responses.

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