Personal Statement

Addressing each of the following statements, prepare an essay of approximately
1,000 words discussing your interest in social work. This essay should be
typewritten, double spaced, and should contain few if any, spelling or
grammatical errors. Please include your name on the cover letter. Organize your
essay using the following headings, but complete Part III only if it is applicable to
Part I:
1. Why are you seeking a graduate degree in social work at this time?
2. Explain why you chose your micro concentration in family focused practice
with Latinos or macro administration and community practice
concentration to focus on for your advanced year studies.
3. What specific career goals and aspirations do you have following your
graduation from the Master of Science in Social Work Program at
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley?
4. Why have you chosen to apply to University of Texas Rio Grande
Valley, Department of Social Work to pursue a master s degree in social
Part II:
1. Discuss the personal, vocational, and educational experiences you have
had which have helped you define your choice of social work as a field of
graduate study. Include a description of relevant human services practice
2. Examine your personal strengths and limitations. Explain how your
personal characteristics support, inhibit, and generally influence your
ability to pursue graduate study and to establish a professional career in
social work.
Part III:
Briefly identify and discuss any special circumstances that you believe the
MSSW Admissions Committee should consider in evaluating your application.
(Examples: military service; single head of household; primary caretaker for a
family member with disability; special abilities) Your discussion of special
circumstances should reflect your ability to overcome obstacles or your potential
to succeed in the MSSW program.