parenthood film analysis

Parenthood (1989) is a film that deals sensitively and humorously with family life and the stages of human development. The reciprocity between family members is poignant and mostly accurate (under the circumstances). The film depicts normal and abnormal developmental issues. Using short synopses of scenes from the film to make your point, you will write a 3-5 typed page analysis (double-spaced, 12 point font), focusing on all of the following:

Each student MUST analyze the character, Gil, who is in his Middle Adulthood stage. Discuss whether Gil exhibits generativity or stagnation, Eriksons developmental task for this age. Make sure you back up your decision with evidence from the movie. Also discuss how Gil is confronting and working through issues about his career, his family, his marriage and generally his household? (see Chapters 13 and 14 in textbook) (20 pts)
Each student MUST analyze Frank Buckman. Discuss the changes you see in the character Frank Buckman (Gils father) throughout the movie from Early Adulthood through Late Adulthood. Interpret the changes we see in Frank using Eriksons Psychosocial crises in Early Adulthood, Middle Adulthood, and Late Adulthood providing examples of each stage from the movie (15 pts)
Choose one other character from either the Adolescent or one of the Childhood stages of Eriksons Psychosocial Theory of Development. Discuss which of Eriksons psychosocial crisis and issues specific to this characters stage. In what ways do the life and behavior or thoughts of this character relate to our texts discussion on this stage? (15 pts)
Since it is a goal of this semester to have developed a professional vocabulary to describe growth and development, please be sure to use terms from the text. It also is important that you demonstrate that you can apply the theories to real life. Use scenes from the movie to support a point, but DO NOT simply reiterate large chunks of the film and not explain how or why they are significant. (10 pts)
Because you are expected to draw from the theory in the text, be sure to properly cite any references in your paper. You need a separate reference page for this assignment. APA format is required. (5 pts). Your paper will also be graded for grammar and spelling. Make sure you use spell check and read through your final paper. (5 pts)

Cast of characters in Parenthood (1989):

Gil Buckman father of 3 children. Thinks he is on track to get a partnership in his firm. The partnership goes to Phil, a younger man with no children. He coaches his older sons team in baseball and wants to be a better father than his own dad. He is always tense and seems to care a lot about what other people think.
Karen Buckman – stay at home mother to their children. Is very easy going and laid back as a mother. Seems the opposite of Gil
Kevin Buckman (age 9) the oldest son. Is having emotional problems in school and worries all the time. The school wants to transfer him to a special school starting in the next school year. Gil and Karen work out a deal to spend more time with him and hes seeing a psychiatrist. The school agrees to re-evaluate him in the fall.
Taylor Buckman (about age 5) The only daughter
Justin Buckman (about age 3) the youngest son.

Helen (30s) Gils sister, who is a divorced mother of 2 children. Her ex-husband, Ed has remarried and has another son. Her 2 children are teenagers and live with her full-time. She has a good job as a bank manager.
Gary (around 13-14 years) Helens son. He wants to go live with his father for a few months. He calls his father but his father clearly rejects him. He proceeds to destroy his fathers dental office.
Julie (age 17-18) She is a high school senior. Her mother doesnt like her boyfriend. Julie moves out of the house to live with boyfriend. They elope and end up moving back in with Helen. Helen thinks this is good because maybe Julie will finish High School now. Julie ends up getting pregnant.
Todd (age 18-20) works as a painter. Then he decides he is going to race hotrod cars with his brothers. He doesnt tell Julie he is racing though.

Susan – (around 29-32 years old) Gils sister. She is a teacher who is married with one daughter. She says that she was very wild, and Nathan (her husband) calmed her down. Her whole family is on a special diet to help them think well. They are teaching their daughter math, Spanish, and other advanced topics. She wants to go to Mexico with just her husband, and leave their daughter with Gil and Karen. Her husband doesnt want to leave their daughter behind. Susan is also ready to have another baby, and her husband doesnt because the age difference between their daughter and the new baby isnt right yet. She threatens to leave Nathan.
Nathan (same age as wife) Susans husband. Believes kids shouldnt be treated as adoring little morons, but are sponges waiting to absorb. So he doesnt want their daughter in preschool because she is too smart, and thinks other kids will make her dumb.
Patty (about 3) is Susan and Nathans daughter. She doesnt know how to interact with kids her own age because they never let her be around them.

Larry – (age 27) Gils brother. Doesnt see family much, has never worked steady job in his life. Always working some scheme. Only found out he had a son in last few months. Takes his dads antique car out to sell it, but cant because he doesnt have registration. Owes bookies $26,000.00. Asks his dad for some money, gets $3,000, and blows it at the track.
Cool (around age 5) Larrys son. Meeting his paternal relatives for the first time.

Frank (age 64) Gils father. Drinks too much, still works. If he gives Larry the $26,000.00 to pay the bookies cant retire for a long time
Marilyn – (early 60s) Gils mother. Her mother lives with her and she takes care of her. They recently sold their old house where the kids grew up and moved into a smaller 2-bedroom house.
Grandma (probably in her 80s) lives with her daughter and her son-in-law.


In APA format the movie can be cited several ways. The movie title should always be italicized.

If you describe a scene by saying something like:

In the movie Parenthood (1989), Gil says

The title is italicized and the year is in parentheses.

If you describe a scene by saying something like:

Gil showed signs of exhibiting generativity (Parenthood, 1989).

The title is italicized and both the title and year go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.

In APA format your textbook can be cited several ways.

If your sentence starts like this:

In Santrock (2016, p. 387), the characteristics of generativity include..

Only the year of publication and the page number go in the parentheses. The page number is the page number from the book where you are citing from (not necessarily page 387).

If your sentence starts like this:

Characteristics of generativity include.. (Santrock, 2016, p. 387).

The authors name, year of publication and page number all go in the parentheses before the period at the end of the sentence.