Outline Social protest speech on abortion

The purpose for this assignment is to take a position either in favor or as opposed to an issue that is the center of local political controversy.
Provide an overarching argument about your topic based on what information might be most useful for the audience.
Make your goal clear
Organize your ideas into a script or phrase outline, carefully choosing words appropriate to the context, which will be submitted online along with a URL to your video
Build rapport and provide a compelling reasons why the audience should listen to your presentation
orally cite 3 outside sources
Define a clear “adversary”
Create an orientation or perspective for the context
Develop clear speaker credibility (embody a dynamic-energetic style)
Use a distinctive organizational device, theme, or maxim (maybe an overarching figure of speech/linguistic device)
Provide evidence (real-life stories) to back up your claims (3 outside sources required)
Incorporated multiple figures of speech within your presentation
Engaging in one area of protest style (maxim, antithesis, paralipsis, repetition, call and response)
choose a clear protest organizational strategy (problem-solution, vilification-mythification, narrative, congruency)
Close with a dramatic ending that leaves the audience with a conflict