Our world up to the 15th century

You are having a historic dinner party and have room to invite 6 people, besides yourself. What six people, of all you have read about in this course, would you invite to your party? Who would you seat next to whom? What would they discuss? What would they argue about? What would they agree upon, and why? What would you say to them? And why is this dinner conversation so important, what would it tell the casual observer about the history of our world up to the 15th century? No fair just listening in, remember you are the host/hostess, and a good host/hostess stimulates conversation among his/her guests. Time frames do not matter when drawing up your guest list, in other words you are free to invite Solon the Reformer and seat him between King John of England and Justinian, place Perpetua on Johns other side and watch the fireworks begin. Please make certain you invite folks from different time periods and different countries, and please invite at least one woman (more if you dare!) Remember, you are trying to convince me that you have learned the history of Western Civilization from the beginning through the late Middle Ages.