organizational behavior and ethics

The course paper can focus on managerial, organizational, or individual issues related to Organizational Behavior + Ethics. Appropriate topics include the impact of process improvement and development, high performance systems and learning organizations, leading change, team development and conflict management (just to name a few). The term paper will be an individual project. The paper should be well researched and be original; double-spaced (12pt font) and 8-10 pages, references at least (10) must be cited according to APA 6th edition standards. (Due on or before 8th week)
Course Paper constitutes a total of 100 points and will be critiqued from the (2) following standpoints:
Organization: 50 pts
Introduction and Scope of Research
Central theme and purpose of research
Comprehensive flow of ideas
Analysis and discussion of research
Strong conclusion and findings.
Quality of Research: 50 pts
Was there research used?
Were there diverse sources of research used?
Was the research relevant and related to the theme?
Was the research cited and referenced correctly?
Is there objective uses and application or referenced sources?