– Discipline : manufacturing engineering

PhD Title: “Optimization of high-performance tapping tools using laser-generated microstructures”

My PhD objective is to eliminate the chip snarling effects through laser structured surfaces on rake surface (based on this patent – https://patents.google.com/patent/DE102016113571A1/en?inventor=florin+milas&oq=florin+milas ) which will work as a chip-breaker or to increase the friction coefficient and limit the wear. In this way I will be able to retain the cutting edge covered and still achieve ***short chips***. This will be my optimization .in short terms. For achieving that, I must understand better the phenomena who occur in the tapping process.

Manuscript 1: “An experimental investigation on wear aspects of tapping operation on chrome-molybdenum steels”

Manuscript 2: “Optimization of high-performance tapping tools using laser-generated microstructures”

Keywords : tapping, laser generated surfaces, coatings, Ti(CN), wear, geometry, forces, torque, grooving, chip flow, chip evacuation, chip forming, chip snarling, chip curling

– Literature / Articles review : 70-80 sources – already on disposal.
– summarize, synthesize, and critique the sources by discussing a common them
– trace the intellectual progression of the field
– conclusion