Oppresion on LGBTQ in America

Project Description: Identity Group/Oppression Theory Research Paper:

You will be required to write a 10-page paper (typed and double-spaced in COMPLETE APA format) on any of the identity groups discussed in this course (or a related topic). You are expected to research the identity group, the oppression they have or do face, the impact of oppression, various outcomes and responses to oppression within this identity group. Oppression as a concept in the literature can also be identified using search terms such as discrimination, bias, racism, sexism, social justice, etc. even though all terms are not exactly synonymous. You can go over 10 pages if you have extra references or appendixes. Your grade will be based on insight, organization, grasp of class material, application of class material (specifically Oppression Theory) and the use of references. Due Date is April 26, 2020 at 11:59 PM via HuskyCT ONLY (the paper will not be accepted via email or in-person)

A final academic research paper of 8-10 narrative pages with a minimum of 10 references. This is a upper division, scholarly research paper and should be taken very seriously. You are strongly advised to seek writing assistance if needed and to always have your paper proofread by one or more qualified tutors, peers, friends or relatives who have excellent writing skills. The paper must be written in APA format, should utilize a MINIMUM of 10 academic references (journal articles, books, chapters, or websites (excluding assigned readings or resources for this course).

Research Paper Topics

Topics should focus application of Oppression and/or Social Justice Theory as they relate an identity group that has experienced oppression In the USA. Other topics related to oppression can be explored and approved in advance. Social Justice Theory is used in the context of this paper as a process to improve quality of life and thus Human Development. The inclusion of Human Development Theory or implications on human development are encouraged.