Nursing in Diversity

Career Intersectionality UPDATE
Posted on: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 12:11:43 PM EDT

For the Career Intersectionality Assignment, Explanation and an Apology-

For the first section lets use the desired workplace of your choosing- working as an addiction counselor. You are writing a thesis examining the issues of addiction and the impacts of poverty, through the lenses of what aspects of diversity? And for the sake of the example lets say your workplace is in a Baltimore County family resource center because you want to focus on women dealing with addiction going through the parent reunification process with CPS.( look at the Introduction section and make sure to answer the questions regarding your ideal placement) you want to be super specific. Lets look at this specific setting through the following lenses-race, ability and age. What are the treatment plans for this client? The assignment you turned in regarding a career and the lens of diversity was technically part 1 of your paper-I apologize for the lack of clarity on that issue. I should have provided more information regarding that in the Modules and due to my own stress due to my social work and teaching was not as clear as I should have been, I apologize for any stress or confusion this has caused.

For the second section-major topics-lets unpack the research you found. Using 4 journal articles you should focus on the three major topics you will explore. Perhaps exploring the finding that people seeking treatment in suburban setting can face more microaggressions from treatment staff based on their race. Review each article through the chosen lenses. Think about the possible impact of being a teen mother, or a mother with a physical limitation (maybe a chronic disease, maybe she is hearing impaired), and look at those impacts. So for the Module 10 Assignment delve deeper into the research and have a 4th source since you already looked at 3 sources for your prior assignment.

For the third section explore the analysis of intersectionality. Looking at how the three topics overlap, and what are the implications of this overlap? Explore this as it applies to working with your client.

For the fourth section consider the ethical issues for people working in the field, and what should be considered? How can changes at the worksite itself help address the issues you have addressed? And finally what systemic changes would help to address the diversity issues you explored?

This is how the plan is developed; the plan is the outcome of the paper. The steps evolve as you go deeper into the project.

Also please note that I have altered the complexity of the Career Intersectionality Project to make up for this error-the Career Intersectionality project is now going to be far simpler for the same grade.