Nursing Homes

This literature review examines the various factors related to making decisions about the placement of loved ones in nursing homes. It includes an examination of the types of nursing homes that exist, the types of people who live in nursing homes, and what it costs to live in them. Ultimately, the enclosed provides a guide to help individuals who are looking for information for a place for their loved one to live in different types of nursing homes, the types of people who live in the different types of nursing homes, and the various alternative costs.

The items in bold are your main points that you must do research on. You seem to have a lot of different information in your paper that seems to go outside the initial scope of your research.

You should break it up like this:

Introduction – introduce your topic, nursing homes, and then state your thesis, which was, “When the time comes to decide whether to put a loved one into a nursing facility and what nursing facility to put them in, there are many things to consider; and it is a challenge for all involved.” I am a little confused with your thesis, you want to make an argument that can be supported by the main points.
Your main points are types of nursing homes, types of people who live in nursing homes, and what it costs to live in a nursing home. You may want to consider re-working your thesis to reflect what type of research you plan on doing. I underlined the portion that you may be able to use to re-work your initial thesis.

After your introduction you list you three main points. You must use the databases online to find articles (ie. google scholar) or even call nursing homes for information (these would be interviews). These resources will help provide examples to support your thesis. Also, it seems like your professor is very concerned about the lack of citations. While you have to put information in your own words, simply paraphrasing what you find is not going to count unless you cite the source. Citations must come after direct quotes or paraphrasing of information.

Finally, once all your research is done, you create a nice conclusion that will tie everything together.