nursing assignment new born and post partum

Watch the following ATI skills videos for Newborn Assessment (located under Maternal/Newborn):
Apgar scoring
Umbilical cord care
Gestational age assessment

Part II Write a brief summary explaining the rationale for ongoing assessments & newborn care. The nurse must always be alert for signs of change in the newborns condition. Include the following in your summary:
Obtaining VS/Measurements.
Provision of skin care and cord care.
Identify the appropriate positions of the newborn to facilitate drainage, improve respiratory function, and prevent aspiration.
Assisting with feedings, positioning, diapering, and protecting the infant.
Identify interventions that will prevent heat loss in the newborn.
Explain reason for vitamin K, eye treatment, hepatitis B immunizations, and heel sticks.

Postpartum Assessment
Part I Watch the following ATI skill video demonstrating the postpartum assessment:
Part II Develop a teaching plan for the postpartum mother to prepare for discharge home. Include the following in your plan:
Perineal care (to include lochia transition)
Breast care
Sexual activity
Part III Using a chart, plot the normal findings for the assessment of the postpartum clients VS, breasts, uterus, bowel, bladder, cesarean incision, lochia, episiotomy, hemorrhoids, lower extremities, and emotional status. In a second column, list the abnormal assessment findings providing the rationale/possible cause and nursing intervention for each abnormal assessment. Use two different colors on the chart to distinguish the normal vs the abnormal assessment findings. Be creative. This chart should be detailed and include all normal and abnormal findings in the postpartum woman. For example, when listing emotional status, postpartum blues, postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis should be discussed. Words and pictures are acceptable. A brief example is listed below for your reference.